Hope You’re Having Fun


I am having a blast right now!

This summer has been full of great adventures and I have really enjoyed myself the last few weeks. Ive been working, skateboarding, writing, and taking photos more than ever.

But most importantly I’ve been having fun!

Having fun is important. very important. If you’re┬áhaving fun it means you’re not stressing. And did you know that stress is bad for your health?

Remember to have fun because it is literally good for you. It allows you to relax and when your body is relaxed you can think clearer and live in harmony with yourself and the world.

Life is meant to be enjoyed- it really is all fun and games. So go out there and enjoy yourself, in whatever you’re doing. For your own benefit now and for the long term benefit of all people.

Photo: Buddhist Shrine at the Ramakrishna Monestery in Trabucco Canyon, CA.


Writers Corner

I want to create a place that helps writers write- Writers Corner.

I find myself wondering where to go with my writing. I think and I have often hoped that someone would show me the way and the direction to go with my writing. but no, that is not the case. No one is going to help you write. You can only write.

every writer from throughout history faces one grand dilemma: what to write about. No one has the answer to that dilemma except for the person doing the writing.

So, if you want to write, you must write. Go your own direction, lead with your words and let others follow if they wish. That is what makes a good writer. A carver of a path not thought of before.