December in LA

The nights have been quite chilly, much more so than ive been used to for the last few months with the hottest summer on record and all.

My bike is still holding up. I probably ride about 7 miles a day average.

Work is fine. Still enjoy going there for the most part. Just do the most to keep myself focused and not bored.

Been skateboarding a lot. Feeling strong and more consistent than ever. Still need to take it easy on my foot and toe. Definitely do not want to re-injure myself.

Emailed Mike Prysner from the Empire files and am waiting for a response. My biggest task now is to meet and work with journalists and activists in LA if I ever want to become a part of that world that I follow so closely from the outside.

Trying my best to stay rested and healthy. But its not easy when I live so far away from everything.

Visiting OC is getting harder and harder it feels like, but i am still going to do it for a few months at least. So I can visit Dalil and help Ruth. I havent shared this on this website yet, but Mr Mortenson passed away a few weeks ago which was really hard for me. But I feel much better now, and his energy still lives on in my heart.

Its interesting. Whenever I am out and about late at night, whether its in the streets or at a club or bar, I would always think about BroMo and how he would feel about my actions. A certain amount of guilt would always surface, and I would shun it and forget about it. Now that he has passed away, I do not feel guilty for what I am doing, whether its checking out women or smoking pot and drinking alcohol. I am not accountable to anyone. My mom already knows that I am a recluse for the most part, but she knows that I never take it too far.

So, the guilt is gone. Its another chapter. One where what I do is okay as long as it is okay with me. I am happy that i escaped a life of crime, a life of violence and pain. God has walked me to a safe path where I am free to choose my destiny. The only thing in the way is my shadow self. A self that knows my weaknesses and deliberately pursues them.

I dont know where I am heading and sometimes I wonder when the next time I will crack, breakdown and cry, which happens so un-often but often enough for me. It was a full moon again last night. The last full moon i was shrooming in Hollywood with Jared, thinking about my life and the people in it, including BroMo.

I pray for protection and peace. For guidance and prosperity. I ask for calm in this whirlwind of a life in Los Angeles.


James 2016-04-00-0217

BroMo in his backyard. Sometime in 2017, most likely. Rest in Love BroMo.