Why I Shoot Film

Why I Shoot Film


You have to love it. You have to love photography if you ever want to call yourself a “photographer.”

For some people it’s irresistible. Capturing an image among the infinite that make up every day. The timing. The light, especially. When you take a photograph that you like and love, you can always look at it and it will bring you joy.

I prefer to take my photographs on film. The obsolete medium, for some. A hassle and a passion for others.

Why? Because one, it looks better. If you meet the most experienced, the most veteran of the photography community, they will tell you “film all the way.”


Well, if they are into it and don’t mind the extra dollar on buying film. But film does a lot of things that digital can’t. It brings life to the photograph. Depth and feeling. Colors are different, more pronounced. Black and white is a different story. Shapes and structures and shadow make up its content.

And two, because it draws out the process. You don’t “spray and pray” as some call it: take a million photos and hope one comes out. No, you take your time. You think about the framing and the “composition.” And after you shoot 24 or 36 (or less if you use a larger film format) you have to go get it developed, which you could learn to do at home by yourself if you really wanted to.


And the best part is, is you get physical copies of your photographs. You put them in a sleeve and in a folder and you have memories and beautiful images to show your grand-kids.

That’s why I shoot film. It is fun and I love it. I hope that one day you pick up a film camera (disposable cameras from CVS use film) and decide to load some film into. You wont regret it.


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