My brief prediction for the next four years

On January 27th, 2017, we will enter a new era in the United States: The Trump years.

oh, and how we were Trumped. Americans love to fight. and that is what they did on Nov 8th. they fought. and they fought who they saw as the enemy: the establishment. They said “no way Hillary. We will have none of you. We know you are lying about everything!”

“But Trump on the otherhand…” and the rest is history.

Duped. fooled. Tricked.

Americans all over the country truly believe that Trump will succeed, at least in some manner or way, in fixing this country. It may be slow progress, it may be bumpy, and a few people may get thrown over board, but it is for the best of this country and for each and every one of us.

No. No, he is not going to do ANYTHING. NOTHING. HE WILL BE THE WORST PRESIDENT OF ALL TIME. (well, of this time.)

You see, presidents are elected because to do so you must be competent, professional, and extremely smart and educated, so smart that you literally can guide and dictate all sectors of society. Not just anyone can become president. it is reserved for the absolute brightest and best the country can possibly muster.

Wrong. It is now clear that you do not need to be well educated, you do not need to be competent and professional. no, you just have to be rich. rich and good at convincing people that you are pursuing the presidency for no other purpose other than helping every single American (and maybe throw out a few million illegal immigrants.)

The next four years we will see the Trump administration fight everything the progressive movement has fought for for the last 50 years: freedom of religious practice, the right to vote, pro-choice opinion, the right to move about freely without discrimination, the end to police brutality and institutional racism, same-sex marriage, EVERYTHING.

There will be no holding back. They will fight tooth and nail to push through their agenda of christian neo-facism. And i’m not joking. the people lined up to be his cabinet and administration are domestic terrorists (in the sense they do not care for the lives of their fellow citizens), racists, islamaphobes and religious zealots: Mike Pence, Rudy Guiliani, John Bolton, Steve Bannon.

4 more years of prosecution against whistleblowers. 4 more years of fracking and mass pollution. 4 more years of war in the middle east. 4 more years of apartheid and genocide in Palestine. 4 more years of division and distraction in the US.

4 more years of increased solidarity between individuals everywhere who will look to each other for protection, guidance, leadership, and hope in these troubling years ahead.