19th of September 2016- Apartheid, Racism, Slavery- Alive and Well.

A short introduction video to the Palestinian/Israel conflict.

Another day here in California. Away from the genocide, the destruction, and Apartheid taking place in the middle east (all with the consent of my countrymen and government.)

It sure is a drag. which weighs down on me every single day.

It is 2016 and what civilization has fought for so long to expel, things such as racism and genocide, apartheid, discrimination, war- are all today thriving.

The bombs are still dropping. The drones are still striking. The corporations are still pulling the strings of the puppet politicians. The masses are still hypnotized in every aspect of their lives.

Will any of this ever change? What can stop this super power government from funding more brutal occupation?

Idk where im going with this. But It is something I need to express.




$38 billion? Really?

38 billion dollars could do a lot of good here at home in the United States.

There are endless possibilities. We could invest in our communities, in clean energy, our schools could be rebuilt, we could tackle student debt, etc. etc.

But instead of being invested here, we as a nation have decided that Israel needs the money more.

It will help them build their military infrastructure and national defenses against any threat, foreign and domestic.

This aid package equates to 3.8 billion dollars a year- an increase from the 3.1 billion the USA already gives Israel annually.

This is part of our memorandum of understanding- a clear indicator of our loyalty to Israel and its people.

I disagree with this decision, however, and feel that it is not in our best interest nor in the best interest of people around the world.

Israel continues to occupy Palestine. It continues its Apartheid, its discrimination, its abuse, its murder, of the Palestinian people. And with this new monetary gift of billions of taxpayer dollars, we as a nation are saying, “Go ahead. We do not see any injustice being committed in Israel and the land of Palestine.”

The establishment, with their monopoly on the mainstream news sources and the entertainment industry, have successfully distracted the people of the US into not considering where there taxpayer dollars are going.

Americans do not think,”My tax dollars are contributing to Apartheid and genocide.” They simply focus on themselves, because why should they do anything else?

It’s sad. and it gets sadder the higher up the ladder you go.