@Cariofoto- Instagram Photo Documentation


Cariofoto is my instagram page.

I use it to share what the people of California look like, rich and poor.

California holds an unbelievable array of people. A center point of the globe. Its appealing climate draws in people from across the US as well as the world.

It is another “street photography” instagram, though I never ask for permission. I don’t enjoy ruining the candidness of individuals. And so I take photos without permission and the subject unknowingly being subjected.

I also try to make each photo appealing in its composition. The lighting and subjects are something I consider when taking the photo, for those who noticed the photos aren’t always shitty.

Cariofoto is photo documentation.




Orange County- Leonard Peltier Defense Group Startup

I am going to do my best to share Leonard’s story here in southern California.

If you have never heard of Leonard Peltier he is the living symbol of Native American’s here in the US- persecuted, entrapped, targeted, forgotten (by the country who destroyed his people.)

Some people are so discouraged to even take the first steps in achieving a goal, afraid that they will come up short and be disappointed. You have to at least try.

I am receiving a petition package in the mail soon for people to sign around my community who wish to see Leonard freed.

If you live in the Orange County Area please reach out! contact me via wordpress or by email at carrillo.bryan12@gmail.com

In the spirit of Crazy Horse

Hello Orange County!


Today is Monday and its the first Monday of the new year! People are scurrying off to work and getting used to being on the grind again!

As for me, I sit at home looking for a job over the internet.

I’m a broke, no-job-having ass fool. But hey, I can still speak to people around the world via WordPress right?

I don’t know what I am getting at. I start school in about a month. Hopefully only have one more semester at Fullerton College, a junior college very close to the Cal State Fullerton.

This is the winter time blues alright. my cat just died. that really sucked. here’s a picture of him: Ludwig_2015.JPG

Right now in the news, uhm, well there is a lot going on.

One ‘trending’ story is the so-called patriots that are occupying a federal building in washington. thats garnering a lot of attention.

Saudi Arabia just executed 47 people in one day. Iranians stormed the Saudi embassy and basically burned it down.

Well, I will keep scouring the internet for news and relevant information for your life.

Follow my blog! I typically write about the Southern California area, events, artists, music, skateboarding especially.

Take it easy guys.