Writers Corner

I want to create a place that helps writers write- Writers Corner.

I find myself wondering where to go with my writing. I think and I have often hoped that someone would show me the way and the direction to go with my writing. but no, that is not the case. No one is going to help you write. You can only write.

every writer from throughout history faces one grand dilemma: what to write about. No one has the answer to that dilemma except for the person doing the writing.

So, if you want to write, you must write. Go your own direction, lead with your words and let others follow if they wish. That is what makes a good writer. A carver of a path not thought of before.


Free Time In the USA

What am I supposed to do with all of this newly acquired summer free time I suddenly have??

I have no bills to pay, no school to go to, and no real problems facing me!! (i still live with my parents- one problem facing me is their struggles and suffering.)

There is so much to do in Orange County. Why cant i think of something? Anything?? I know! I’ll go for a hike in Santiago Canyon and do some reconnecting with mother nature!

In this part of the world, there is a real disconnection with anything real. We find somethings that are “real” in the every day dynamics of our lives, such as communicating with loved ones or connecting with strangers, or allowing our minds to become relaxed by doing an activity we love to do. But other than those moments, most of our lives spent in society is working: working to get a pay check or working to maintain the status quo.

You have to be aware of where your mind is at. you have to try and view your mind as a psychologists would: what your drives are, what your desires are, what your thinking about and how your feeling.

Free-time can be spent reconnecting with your Self. Or it can be wasted with distraction- a leading away from things that cannot be taken away, such as peace.

For Those Interested In Visiting Tibet

Visiting Tibet

Controversy over tourism:
One of the most controversial places in the world to visit may be worth the extra trouble for tourists- Tibet has been labeled one of the worst places to live in the world for repression of political and civil rights by Freedom House (https://freedomhouse.org/report/freedom-world/2014/tibet#.VVE_ZBaBG2Q), but its culture and its people direly need the help of the rest of the world if the turmoil there is to ever cease.

The following photo is extremely graphic, but it shows the lengths in which the people of Tibet will go in order to end the occupation of their country by China.


Entering Tibet
Getting into Tibet is a challenge because visitors must pass through Chinese officials and comply with Chinese policies. Tourists also have to obtain a visa through China.
Tibet is a region in China but it is, from a legal standpoint, a completely independent state. (http://freetibet.org/about/legal-status-tibet).

The People’s Republic of China (PRC) however, claims Tibet has been an integral part of China for many centuries. The political relationship between Tibet and China has garnered international speculation for many years, starting in 1950 with the Chinese occupation of the area and the exile of the 14th Dalai Lama in 1959.

The question is; who is in the right? Does Tibet have the right to demand the removal of Chinese forces, or is the PRC allowed to occupy Tibet on the means that Tibet has been a part of China for many years? These are the questions both the Tibetan government and the Chinese government disagree over. For tourists, however, they have the luxury of enjoying the people and culture without repercussion.

Why you should visit despite of political turmoil in the region

People have been fighting for both sides for years and the outcome is still uncertain. The pros of visiting, however, may outweigh the risk:
1. Visiting Tibet allows Tibetans to connect to the outside world- the people of Tibet are isolated from western society, and when people visit, more people can become informed about the tragic situation for the Tibetan people.
2. If people decide to visit Tibet, and they plan correctly, they can benefit the Tibetan people. By supporting Tibetan-owned and ran businesses we can help keep the Tibetan culture prosper.
3. From the Potala Palace in Lhasa to the Himalayas that make Tibet’s southern border, the landscapes and architecture of Tibet will leave a lasting impression.

Why I want to Visit
Not only is Tibet a beautiful country teeming with culture, it is also a focal point for human rights awareness, oppression and totalitarianism worldwide. Tibet is a beautiful region and by visiting we can help ensure that the Tibetan people and their culture can be celebrated for years to come.


Links to information on Tibet:

College Finals

The last couple weeks of the semester are upon us. summer is just around the corner. Soon, us college students wont have to worry about turning in assignments for our professors.

What have we learned from this semester, however?

If you’re like me you’re probably kicking yourself for procrastinating, again.

Everyone must not forget that what we have learned in school, in past semesters and this one, we should be investigating on our own time and applying in real life. One thing harder than school is applying what you’ve learned in school in ordinary life. We get a brief introduction from our professors but it is up to us to dig deeper and discover the ways to use the information.

Math for instance. We use it every day. Algebra, however, is a little bit more evasive when it comes to ordinary application. But there are uses for it, obviously. Think about what you are learning and learn how to use it for the betterment of your life!

This summer: Read more, check out more books, walk more, meditate more, stretch more, drink more water, talk to more people, write more, and think about how fast school goes by.

One day when we are old we will look back at these days, at the beginning of our education and of our adult lives and minds.

Photo: Fullerton College on September 11th, 2014. 35mm film

Contemplations on the world today

We all need to do our best every day to make the world a better place. there is much sorrow and grief constantly occurring. Only when it is occurring to ourselves do we remember the pain it brings. When we overcome sorrow we feel humbled and we receive new strengths we didn’t believe we had. Let us not forget the trouble brought upon by sorrow. Let us lift the weight of sorrow off of others, because we know how it feels to be in their position.

Let us forget about our selfish desires. Let us remember how to live. let us reconnect with the Earth.

Only when we meditate can we gain a birds eye view of life. By resting in great natural peace we can go about our world with our minds at peace, which will lead to world peace.