More pictures from Joshua Tree

This weekend was a very meditative experience. I spent most of the time wandering aimlessly and taking in the beautiful landscapes. I woke up early Saturday morning and climbed a mountain of rocks near where we were staying. It was dark when i began the climb and when i reached the highest large bolder I got out my camera’s. Here are some pictures from that morning. _DSC0193joshuatree_morning


;March 4th, 2015- Protests in Los Angeles

dieinatLAPDheadquaters Los Angeles; March 3rd, 2015, 11:06am – In front of LAPD headquarters in downtown Los Angeles, protesters are staging what has come to be known as a die-in. it is in response to the recent shooting of a homeless man, which has gone viral over the internet since it was posted on Monday. Follow on twitter for more updates @MidDayRebel

March 2nd, 2015

Today I took over my fathers website hosted by WordPress.

With this website I hope to share with anyone who sees it knowledge about the world, the culture of Southern California, and topics that are truly important in today’s chaotic, and ever-changing world.

i will also be posting photos that I have taken, if that’s a possibility.

New website owner

March 2nd, 2015.

Brian Carrillo has handed down this website to his son, Brian.

It will now be updated and maintained by the latter and shall address current event issues and local news.

Heres the first post of many to come.