Power of Words

I’m a blogger. I’m a thinker.

I am a caring, considerate human being.

And I want everyone on Earth to live a peaceful life.

For many, this is extreme. It’s too much. Their hatred for others, be it women, people of color, refugees, muslims, is to great. They cannot conceive of a world like that. So instead they work against it. They take the hatred they have of themselves and the world and project it outwards, so that others may suffer as well.

That is why it is my duty as a writer to go against that way of thinking. All one must do to combat it is to speak up about it. To call it out on its hipocracy and ignorance. To fight it openly and in public, peacefully.

It is easy to be a writer. to be a blogger. All one must have is a heart and a voice.


Anti-U.S. Military Aggression Protest in DTLA. April 7, 2017.

Thousands of people gathered in cities across the U.S. on Friday, April 7, in protest of President Trumps decision to attack a Syrian airbase said to be the facility which conducted chemical attacks against Syrian civilian on April 4, 2017.

In downtown Los Angeles, a crowd of nearly one thousand people holding signs and chanting anti war slogans marched through the streets from Pershing Square to City Hall, where leaders delivered a message of solidarity with the Syrian people.

“Money for jobs and education, not for bombs and occupation!” Chanted the crowd as it passed L.A.’s busy Grand Central Market and on toward City Hall.

“We anticipated this,” Said one of the march organizers, John Prysner. “We had designs prepared and printed all these posters this morning,” John said about the yellow signs being held by the majority of protesters as they walked down Broadway Street. “We are here to protest this act of U.S. aggression.” When asked what ordinary people could do John said, “Dont mourn and get organized.”

People hung out of cars and out their apartment windows to record the commotion as it came rumbling up the street.

“SHUT THE F*** UP!” Said one red-faced man from his fifth story window. As he ran back inside to surely grab something to throw, I pulled out my cell phone to record his next move. Sure enough, he returned to quickly throw a golf ball down at the protesters and then slam his window shut. Luckily, no one was directly hit by the mans cowardly assault.

“What do we want?! Hands off Syria! And if we don’t get it? Shut! It! Down!” Chanted the crowd as it moved slowly towards city hall, carrying Syrian flags and pictures of Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad.

“You support a terrorist! The Syrian people are happy!” Said a Trump supporter from across the street, with about five or six other Trump activists who supported his decision.

“Trump is saving lives,” the man with the MAGA hat and the American flag draped over him told me. “Where were you guys when Obama bombed the middle east?” Said another man holding his American flag tightly.

At the end of the day I found myself arguing with a Trump activist who believed that it was in ours and the Syrian peoples best interest to attack Syria. As a left, one person told me to be cautious of the man I was talking to, saying that he was a “full-on facist” who records peace activist and makes fun of them on his Facebook page.

People interested in organizing in California should check out Answer Coalition and the refusefascism.org websites for more information.

In Solidarity.



Why I Shoot Film

Why I Shoot Film


You have to love it. You have to love photography if you ever want to call yourself a “photographer.”

For some people it’s irresistible. Capturing an image among the infinite that make up every day. The timing. The light, especially. When you take a photograph that you like and love, you can always look at it and it will bring you joy.

I prefer to take my photographs on film. The obsolete medium, for some. A hassle and a passion for others.

Why? Because one, it looks better. If you meet the most experienced, the most veteran of the photography community, they will tell you “film all the way.”


Well, if they are into it and don’t mind the extra dollar on buying film. But film does a lot of things that digital can’t. It brings life to the photograph. Depth and feeling. Colors are different, more pronounced. Black and white is a different story. Shapes and structures and shadow make up its content.

And two, because it draws out the process. You don’t “spray and pray” as some call it: take a million photos and hope one comes out. No, you take your time. You think about the framing and the “composition.” And after you shoot 24 or 36 (or less if you use a larger film format) you have to go get it developed, which you could learn to do at home by yourself if you really wanted to.


And the best part is, is you get physical copies of your photographs. You put them in a sleeve and in a folder and you have memories and beautiful images to show your grand-kids.

That’s why I shoot film. It is fun and I love it. I hope that one day you pick up a film camera (disposable cameras from CVS use film) and decide to load some film into. You wont regret it.

Standing Rock Feb 21, 2017- What Today Means

After months of protest and after an incredible amount of injustice towards Native American sisters and brothers, the government has officially declared it will cut off access to the main resistance camp at Standing Rock, Oceti Sakowin, shutting it down, and most likely forcing its inhabitants out.

They are peacefully protesting. They are conducting behavior that is protected by the US constitution. So why are they being treated like criminals and terrorists?

I pray for the water protectors. They are taking on the most difficult battle of all Americans, because they are fighting the Unstoppable Empire, the very beast itself.

What has really changed? This is how they have been treated for many decades. Centuries. Nothing has changed between the relationship of the American government and the original Americans, except in all the ways the American government has deceived its people.

This is what occurs when profits are put before people. When oil flowing through pipes is more important than the lives of people.

This is not an overreaction. This is a very real fight for survival. There water is now in more danger than ever before. Just like our grandmother Earth.

Pray for Standing Rock.


My brief prediction for the next four years

On January 27th, 2017, we will enter a new era in the United States: The Trump years.

oh, and how we were Trumped. Americans love to fight. and that is what they did on Nov 8th. they fought. and they fought who they saw as the enemy: the establishment. They said “no way Hillary. We will have none of you. We know you are lying about everything!”

“But Trump on the otherhand…” and the rest is history.

Duped. fooled. Tricked.

Americans all over the country truly believe that Trump will succeed, at least in some manner or way, in fixing this country. It may be slow progress, it may be bumpy, and a few people may get thrown over board, but it is for the best of this country and for each and every one of us.


You see, presidents are elected because to do so you must be competent, professional, and extremely smart and educated, so smart that you literally can guide and dictate all sectors of society. Not just anyone can become president. it is reserved for the absolute brightest and best the country can possibly muster.

Wrong. It is now clear that you do not need to be well educated, you do not need to be competent and professional. no, you just have to be rich. rich and good at convincing people that you are pursuing the presidency for no other purpose other than helping every single American (and maybe throw out a few million illegal immigrants.)

The next four years we will see the Trump administration fight everything the progressive movement has fought for for the last 50 years: freedom of religious practive, the right to vote, pro-choice opinion, the right to move about freely without discrimination, the end to police brutality and institutional racism, same-sex marriage, EVERYTHING.

There will be no holding back. Republics hold the house and the senate. They will fight tooth and nail to push through their agenda of christian neo-facism. And i’m not joking. the people lined up to be his cabinet and administration are domestic terrorists (in the sense they do not care for the lives of their fellow citizens), racists, islamaphobes and religious zealots: Mike Pence, Rudy Guiliani, John Bolton, Steve Bannon.

Look them up. they are all horrible pieces of shit who do not respect the liberty and human rights of others!

4 more years of prosecution against whistleblowers. 4 more years of fracking and mass pollution. 4 more years of war in the middle east. 4 more years of apartheid and genocide in Palestine. 4 more years of division and distraction in the US.

4 more years of increased solidarity between individuals everywhere who will look to each other for protection, guidance, leadership, and hope in these troubling years ahead.

19th of September 2016- Apartheid, Racism, Slavery- Alive and Well.

A short introduction video to the Palestinian/Israel conflict.

Another day here in California. Away from the genocide, the destruction, and Apartheid taking place in the middle east (all with the consent of my countrymen and government.)

It sure is a drag. which weighs down on me every single day.

It is 2016 and what civilization has fought for so long to expel, things such as racism and genocide, apartheid, discrimination, war- are all today thriving.

The bombs are still dropping. The drones are still striking. The corporations are still pulling the strings of the puppet politicians. The masses are still hypnotized in every aspect of their lives.

Will any of this ever change? What can stop this super power government from funding more brutal occupation?

Idk where im going with this. But It is something I need to express.



$38 billion? Really?

38 billion dollars could do a lot of good here at home in the United States.

There are endless possibilities. We could invest in our communities, in clean energy, our schools could be rebuilt, we could tackle student debt, etc. etc.

But instead of being invested here, we as a nation have decided that Israel needs the money more.

It will help them build their military infrastructure and national defenses against any threat, foreign and domestic.

This aid package equates to 3.8 billion dollars a year- an increase from the 3.1 billion the USA already gives Israel annually.

This is part of our memorandum of understanding- a clear indicator of our loyalty to Israel and its people.

I disagree with this decision, however, and feel that it is not in our best interest nor in the best interest of people around the world.

Israel continues to occupy Palestine. It continues its Apartheid, its discrimination, its abuse, its murder, of the Palestinian people. And with this new monetary gift of billions of taxpayer dollars, we as a nation are saying, “Go ahead. We do not see any injustice being committed in Israel and the land of Palestine.”

The establishment, with their monopoly on the mainstream news sources and the entertainment industry, have successfully distracted the people of the US into not considering where there taxpayer dollars are going.

Americans do not think,”My tax dollars are contributing to Apartheid and genocide.” They simply focus on themselves, because why should they do anything else?

It’s sad. and it gets sadder the higher up the ladder you go.